Marcela Cure’s DNA is rooted in the brand’s multidimensionality, creative legacy, virtuosity in interior design, and a first-hand-knowledge of the world’s best design and travel.  

Marcela Cure, the brand, translates the intimate vision of Marcela Cure, the woman; a passionate, tasteful, driven Colombian designer who informs her creative sensibilities through art, culture, and craft.

While all “MC Interiors” feature an effortless, joyful, and witty approach to design, all “MC Objects” reflect a contrasting sophistication to their earthy, hand-sculpted manner. 

With upmost quality materials, an architectural feel, subtle sensuality, statement sleekness, and elevated craft, each piece speaks of genuine good taste while simultaneously conveying every bit of the ease that transforms everyday luxury into living beautiful.

Transforming everyday luxury into living beautiful