Our Top 5 Restaurants for Design Lovers: London Edition

Our Top 5 Restaurants for Design Lovers: London Edition

Sometimes, it’s not just about the food. (Gasp!) For us design lovers, dining out is about an experience. While in London there is no shortage of options, we wanted to create the ultimate list for the design lover.

With its rich history and status as a cultural mecca, London is the birthplace of design trends, design schools, and designers alike, and its restaurants are no different. Read on to find out our Top 5 Restaurants for Design Lovers in London.  

1. Sketch Gallery

Located at a restored Georgian era townhouse, every corner of Sketch London is infused with design (the bathrooms or loo, are remarkably recognizable). Over the past 8 years, The Gallery was known for its cotton candy pink interiors, splashed over countless Instagram photos. However, in March 2022 the makeover was unveiled.

Redesigned once again by India Mahdi under the title Modern Magic, the dining room space has been transformed into what we describe as being inside the sun. With bronze walls, yellow fabrics, golden hues, and 14 pieces of African art commissioned for the space in collaboration with artist.

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2. Nomad

Formerly a Magistrates Court and Police Station, the NoMad London is the first international location for the American hotel chain from New York City. Designed by Roman and Williams, the 19th century building oozes with glamour and luxury.

The flagship restaurant in particular is set within a vaulted atrium that provides a natural light, yet a moody and cozy atmosphere. While you’re visiting, don’t miss the Fireplace Room if you crave a more intimate experience and the Side Hustle Bar for some drinks.

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3. Gloria

“Meet Gloria, a 70’s Capri-style & all-day long Trattoria in the middle of Shoreditch run by a crazy bunch of 85 young and passionate people from the Bel Paese and the sunny coast of Naples”. Straight from the restaurant’s website, we could think of no better way to introduce Gloria Trattoria.

With kitsch interiors that make you feel welcome, the former industrial building features interior design by Studio Kiki, the in-house team for Big Mamma hospitality group. The vibe is summery and welcoming, with grey Carrara, mirrored ceilings and flowered carpets. Gloria is perfect place for design lovers to have a fun night out.  

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4. The Ritz London

The Restaurant at The Ritz London has been described as the most beautiful dining room in Europe since opening its doors over a century ago. Favorite to royalty, Hollywood stars and the most powerful, the restaurant is defined by sparkling chandeliers, elegant marble columns and luxurious fabrics and draperies that frame the floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook Green Park.

Keeping up with the times, recent plans to renovate the historic hotel are expected to be completed in 2028. The project was announced to be led by a team comprised by Purcell in charge of exteriors and EPR Architects for the interior design, in collaboration with David Collins Studio, Pierre-Yves Rochon and Studio Ashby.

We look forward to seeing how this all-star team will enhance this historic and trend-setting space! 

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5. Hideaway Mayfair

Initially a pop-up and “little sister” to renown restaurant HIDE, Hideaway now sits on a Grade II listed building on Mount Street. Led by London design studio Caché, its interiors incorporate the history of the building and the street itself, while giving it a light, airy and fresh feel. Its white walls contrast with the antique wooden floors and unique trinkets and décor that give the café an unconventional vibe. When talking about design trends, it's practically impossible to oversee London. 

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From historic dining spaces like the Ritz London Restaurant, to quirky and informal cafés like Gloria and Hideaway, this list comprises a starting point to our favorites in London. Do you have any others we should visit and include? Let us know in the comments!