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The Fragmentia Triad 03 is a three-story sculpture conformed by a bust, a torso and hips. This sculpture boasts removable fixtures aligned along a central axis, affording the flexibility for personalized arrangements.

In continuity with her signature explorations of the female form, Marcela Cure introduces a new sculptural memento that sheds light upon the mulling yet beauteous intricacies in womanhood. Through hand-sculpted and hand-cast fragments that yield an upright torso, Cure unambiguously references the anatomical considerations of the Italian renaissance whilst recurring to more deliberate geometries. The figure is an assembly -the stacking together of three individual and removable stone fixtures on a sole stone axis- and not unlike womanhood, it is multidimensional and of intangible severity. A reminder of romance in complexity and poetry in resilience.

Resin and Stone Composite. 


35” H x 20” W x 10” D

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