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The SEPTEM Sculpture by Marcela Cure is a celebratory acknowledgment of pride and multidimensionality in womanhood. With a set of seven irregular, upward, hand-sculpted, and hand-cast legs in resin and stone composite, Marcela juxtaposes raw, seemingly immutable, and restraining materiality with flexibility, freedom, movement, solidarity, and balance.  The meditative process of sculpting and casting each individual piece is forgiving of their traits and scars, made even more relevant and visible within a concept of strength in numbers. The sculpture, with a metaphorical functionality, is also a supportive side-table, resulting in an evocative study of what it means to be a woman in the current context and the shared, almost encrypted pride that comes with it. The number seven in the seven individual legs alludes to burdening expectations of “wholeness and perfection” in women, while simultaneously suggesting repetition and renewal, as do every seven days in a calendar week.



Resin and Stone Composite.



58 cm H x 35cm W x 30cm D


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